"Florbela Espanca is a portuguese female writer, she was one of the first women in Portugal to get high education. She faced many hardships and she coped with them through literature, she lived a passionate life, tormented by deep emotions and turmoils such as the death of family members, divorces, an abortion and subsequent illnesses. She did not survive her last attempt at suicide having died on the day of her 36th birthday.
Her work is deeply connected to the natural world, flowers and birds are mentioned constantly representing the frailty of our humanity, the main theme of her poetic work is love, its fatalities, loneliness, despair, seduction, deep lust and a desire to be free.
Our concept was based on this poem of hers, called Ruínas: Se é sempre Outono o rir das Primaveras, Castelos, um a um, deixa-os cair... Que a vida é um constante derruir De palácios do Reino das Quimeras! E deixa sobre as ruínas crescer heras, Deixa-as beijar as pedras e florir! Que a vida é um contínuo destruirDe palácios do Reino das Quimeras! Deixa tombar meus rútilos castelos! Tenho ainda mais sonhos para erguê-losMais alto do que as águias pelo ar! Sonhos que tombam! Derrocada louca!São como os beijos duma linda boca! Sonhos!... Deixa-os tombar... Deixa-os tombar. Florbela Espanca, in "Livro de Sóror Saudade".
It talks about how life keeps throwing our dreams to the ground, how we constantly need to keep strength to build them up again, to find new ones and how there is beauty in that constant motion of picking up the pieces to create again.
These ruins seemed to be the perfect place to set a beautiful love story, it puts into contrast how delicate they are in their flesh, their feelings and hopes with the scenery, so rustic and harsh, but so stoic in its perseverance and beauty..."

Sara Cangueiro by Hoje é especial

Styling and Creative Direction: Hoje é Especial /Crowns: Naturae Design / Model: Mafalda Banquart / Model: Tiago Jacome / Location:Miranda do Douro (Portugal) Makeup+hairstyle: Jennymakeupland