An outdoor wedding makes us a very happy team! Irish couple, Tara and John chose Portugal (Algarve) to get married and they hit the nail right in the head with their choice of space and mood! It truly was a happy dreamlike wedding!
The couple knew the Algarvian weather and landscape were perfect for the outdoor wedding of their dreams. They found comfort and beauty in the Sheraton Hotel - Algarve. The natural scenery was beautiful and the Algarve Wedding Planners went above and beyond to turn this day into everything they had ever dreamed of.
Getting to share the getting ready portion of the day with the ones who we love is the best feeling! Laughter, hugs and a couple of tears create a frantic mood and a contagious sense of happiness!
The last details are taken care of with the help of the brides maids and close relatives. Nothing is left to chance! They help and organize so the bride can relax and shine!
The male counterparts hug, give out hand shakes and help each other knotting their ties. They are tied and untied countless times. There is always a bit of time to give another look at the vows and listen to the parents and long time friend's advices.
The religious ceremony took place in the historic Sé de Faro and was followed by an outdoor cocktail party in the Hotel Sheraton - Algarve gardens right on top the high cliffs overlooking the beach. Each little delicate corner is full of story and soul. It is a place to slowly get to know and enjoy.
To enjoy the day free of stress or hurry. To soak up every second of the day, enjoy and celebrate each toast, each greeting is the way to go for a happy and rewarding wedding day.
Dinner was served under beautiful pine trees in a dream like setting, to the sound of friend's and family speeches. The smiles and tears were unavoidable!